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5 Squadron Reunion - Caloundra March 2019

5SQN Reunion QAM-85.jpg

A gathering of some 200 Wokers and their partners assembled at Caloundra on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on the 29th and 30th of March 2019 for the 5 Squadron 2019 Caloundra Reunion. The event got off to a 'flying' start on Friday night at the Queensland Air Museum (QAM) where members gathered for a meet and greet.


The QAM is home to over 200 aircraft exhibits including a 6 Squadron Pig and the evenings favorite, our very own A2-310 (pictured here with some of the assembled throng). It was not lost on the crowd the significance of spending time in a museum surrounded by relics of our past (and I am not speaking about the aircraft). Ample wine, beer and soft drink was handed out at the aptly named 'Canberra Bar' by the museum staff who gladly gave freely of their time to make this an exceedingly enjoyable event. Chef Matt Yurko and his fantastic staff from the Canape Project fed us well throughout the evening with mouth watering morsels.


One of the best things about arranging these reunions is watching the smiles of the assembled members as they recognise old friends and there were plenty of both at the QAM.

5SQN Reunion QAM-1.jpg
5SQN Reunion QAM-42.jpg
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