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Has your Facebook Page been Hacked?

If you have friends contact you telling you that your Facebook Page has been hacked, don't worry. You have most likely been spoofed, not hacked.

A spoofed Facebook Account uses images from your Facebook Page to try to entice your friends to accept the spoofed account. Some 'idiots' go to great lengths to look like you - why?

Well given some time your friends will see a post espousing the virtues of some scam be it crypto or otherwise. It will say something like "I have made a fortune on Crypto with XYZ company, you should try it. I made $5000 in my first day. Yeh Right!

So what to do? Well you can alert your friends not to accept any friend requests from you but that is only half the job. Ask them to report the account as someone pretending to be you. see the following steps:

1) Click on the bold name on the request

2) This will open the Facebook Page of the Spoof account.

As you can see there is bugger all information in the right hand side. this is a dead give away. a lot of spoofers create the spoof account and immediately send out friend requests to see what response they get. Later they might copy some of your posts but they wont copy the lot. Once they have a few 'Friends' the scams start.

3) Get your Friends to look at this blog and use the steps to report, then block the spoof account. It wont block your legit account if they follow the steps...

4) Under the 'Delete Request' on the page above there are three horizontal dots (circled in Black). Click the dots and the following pop-up will appear:

5) Select FIND SUPPORT OR REPORT. The following screen will appear:


7) Click SUBMIT

From here simply follow the instructions. It will ask you if the false account is you or a friend. If you click 'A FRIEND' then a box will appear with name, simply type in your friends name, (in this case Bill Wiltshire) the legitimate Friend will appear click and submit.

If you need help you can call me on my mobile or email me.


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Oct 29, 2022

Thanks Dutchy,

I'll get my #1 soninlaw to check it out as he is a computer whip with HP, no use me checking I stuff it all up.

It was a great weekend in Caloundra, so glad we went, just a shame it rained like it did on the Saturday/Sunday but it didn't spoil the fun.

keep up the great work




Thanks Dutchy, I’ve been lucky so far but I’m sure I won’t miss out?

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